I want you to know from the beginning that I interact with my customers on a
personal basis
. With over
40 years of experience
, I have extensive knowledge in the field of
nutritional supplementation
and share it with my clientele much as a pharmacist might share his knowledge of allopathic drugs. My customers, and prospective customers, are welcome to "
pick my brain
" free of charge and receive an
honest evaluation
sales pressure...
I intentionally do not have online ordering since it is
no substitute
for a
one-on-one verbal exchange in determining the customer's true needs. Granted, there are many places you can buy the same or similar items online and in stores. But i
f you buy something online that you DON'T NEED, then lower prices are of no value... Y
ou will probably never get the
comprehensive, and in-depth evaluation
of your nutritional needs that
you will receive from
Vital Nutrients

I can help you through the
of misinformation,
contradictions and confusing theories regarding your
health. Just as an interpreter helps decypher a foreign
language, I can help you through the sometimes
confusing terminology associated with supplements.
Vital Nutrients (773) 472-2395
Thanks for visiting my website and I sincerely hope we can keep you on the road to GOOD HEALTH!!

I hope together we can quickly determine what's best for you and your family's well-being. You've already shown well-advised concern by coming here.
Lets talk!
  Low Cost Shipping:
For standard 'ground' shipping to a single address anywhere in the 48 contiguous states, I charge only $4.95 per order -
whatever the size of the order
Most orders are shipped Priority Mail through the US Post Office. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii are sent via Priority Mail with the customer being charged the cost
of postage.

I sell these supplements at a
discount of 20%
off the retail price (except for BIOTICS Products and E3 Live). I offer a
25% discount
to senior citizens 65 years of age or older and to the disabled. I also give
special discounting
for practitioners and an
extra discount
is available to  anyone on volume orders. On any product that I carry, I will do my best to go beyond my regular customer discount and meet any bona fide price advertised on the Internet.
I keep limited stock, so freshness will be improved.
•  Any particular health condition you may be experiencing.
NO CURATIVE CLAIMS can be made by ANY supplement seller, correcting certain
nutrient deficiencies
toxic states
may improve your health.
with other supplements, medicines and diet.
I also carry SKINNY COCONUT OIL, the Gold Standard of coconut oils.
I carry Neprinol and enzymes by Arthur Andrews Medical. These are high quality, high potency, systemic enzyme formulas.
Another exceptional product that I handle is
Dr. Patrick Flanagan's MegaHydrate
(formerly MegaHydrin). It's an
exceedingly efficient
, non-toxic agent for reducing build-up of free radicals, improving cellular oxygenation, increasing cellular hydration, and supporting production
of ATP. For people in general, it serves to slow down the aging process, and for athletes, to increase their stamina. I also carry
Crystal Energy (Structured Water)
also by
Dr. Flanagan


I offer
"The Original Olive Leaf Extract" (T.O.O.L.E.)
. This is one of the only two patented, therapeutically effective
Olive Leaf Extracts
I keep abreast of the latest literature, seeking out outstanding products... products which often are not widely known or widely available.

Among these are CELLFOOD
, DIM Plex, Indium XL, RiSoTriene, VitaPQQ, and supplements from Garden of Life. Garden of Life's Primal Defense is, I believe, to be one of the best probiotics on the market. I have posted information on Garden of Life's products on a number of pages on this website.
Please don't be intimidated by some of the deep
chemical details presented on this website. The
beginning of each product page should give you
enough information on the choice of product for your
needs. If you want to read on, please do. Vital Nutrients
is dedicated to giving you information you won't get on
most other websites. Knowledge is power, especially
when it concerns your health and well-being.

...BUT... if you get confused or want a summary of the
information, please do give me a call. I am here anytime
you need to discuss your health...daytime is preferred.

We must BOTH be participating partners in the implimentation of a health regimen.
  Hello... My name is Ron Pellegrini.
I am a Discount Retailer of a large variety of premium quality nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, glandulars, etc.
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Once again, on any product that I carry, I will do my best to go
beyond my regular customer discount and meet any
bona fide price advertised on the Internet.

For reasons stated earlier, I do not correspond by email.
For more information or to place an order, please call me at:
The products presented on this website are dietary food supplements,
not medicines.  No curative claims are made.
The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.
ALL PRODUCTS and PRODUCT NAMES on this website are
copyrighted, registered, or trademarked by the manufacturing company.
-Ron Pellegrini
Thank you,
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