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The FIRST glutathione with a patented proven protection system shown in a human study to increase ratios by 230%.
The Master Antioxidant

Glutathione is your body's own antioxidant.
It is one of the most powerful protective
substances in the body.
Did you know
that after age 20, our body's ability to
produce glutathione can drop up to
10% or more EACH DECADE!?

Other factors impact the levels of naturally
occurring glutathione in the body, so
supplementing with glutathione seems
to be a natural answer to this problem.
However, it is not that simple.

has been difficult to stabilize in its active
form via oral supplementation due to
lack of protection from oxidation, until
Clinical Glutathione™
is the
FIRST of its kind that has PROVEN
ability to improve blood ratios by 230%.**
Clinical Glutathione™ featuring Sublinthion® - A First of Its Kind

is the unique, patented glutathione used in
Clinical Glutathione™

The first of its kind in the US market,
Clinical Glutathione™
is protected using a NEW French technology to prevent oxidation of this form of glutathione.

In a human study,
demonstrated a 230% improvement of
blood ratios** - the FIRST proven results of this type for this unique delivery system.

This is great news for patients and doctors alike, as
Clinical Glutathione™
is a perfect way to increase levels of active reduced glutathione.
Clinical Glutathione™ Supports
Active Glutathione Levels

Many glutathione products promise much, but don't deliver. In just 11 days, during a clinical study,
Clinical Glutathione™
was shown to increase active glutathione in the bloodstream by 38 points, but unprotected glutathione actually reduced the active amount by 40 points. That's a 78 point difference between the two groups!
** Blood GSM/GSSG Ratio compared to unprotected glutathione
9 Reasons You Need Clinical Glutathione™

Supporting glutathione levels can be challenging. Unprotected glutathione
becomes oxidized quickly, and oxidized glutathione is not the form needed.
In fact, it can add to the potentially harmful oxidative stress burden you're
already fighting. N-acetylcysteine (NAC), a glutathione precursor, can be used
to increase glutathione production. However, because your body's ability
to make glutathione from NAC varies significantly by age and health status,
you can't consistently rely on it. In a clinical study.
Clinical Glutathione™
increased the glutathione ratio 65% better than NAC.
Clinical Glutathione™ Is Different
Slow Melt Technology

Clinical Glutathione™ is a powerful supplement. However, to obtain optimal
results, let the tablet melt in your mouth for 15-30 minutes. Some suggestions
for when it is easiest to use:

•  During your morning shower
•  On your way to work
•  While you workout
•  Before bed

Unlike other supplements,
Clinical Glutathione™
works best when used
alone. Do not eat or drink while it is in your mouth. Just pop it in your
mouth and relax!

Get the Most from Your Clinical Glutathione™

For optimal absorption, allow the slow-melt tablet to dissolve in
your mouth before swallowing.

To get the most benefit from your
Clinical Glutathione™
, do not eat or drink
for 15 minutes after it has dissolved.
Glutathione Your Body's Own Antioxidant

•  Reduces the Risk of Oxidative Damage*

•  Defends Critical Cells*

•  Supports Nerves & Cognitive Health*

•  Helps the Liver Eliminate Toxins*

•  Preserves and Protects Other Crucial Antioxidants in
   the Body*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the
Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
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