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The Original Olive Leaf Extract®

"Natural Antibiotic / U.S. Patent #6,117,844 - Antiviral Therapy"
What "The Original Olive Leaf Extract®" May Offer You ...

  Viral, Bacterial, and Fungal protection
  Help improve your immune system
  Lower cholesterol and triglycerides naturally
  Increase the oxygen to your brain
  Lower blood pressure
  Achieve a more sound sleep
  Improve energy levels
  Highest strength OLE in the U.S. 20+%
"Provides you with the most efficacious and untarnished
Olive Leaf Extract anywhere"
What is T.O.O.L.E.?

is a specific extract from the leaves of the Olea europaea tree. This is the original proprietary extract formulated by
William Fredrickson which keeps all the antiviral properties bio-available.

History and Sciences

The Olive tree and its by-products have been an important part of everyday
life for millions of people from generation to generation, making its way into legend and lore from country to country since the dawn of recorded history.
It wasn't until the discovery of the powerful healing nutrients, hidden in
the leaves of this tree, that serious attention from the medical community
was raised and the tree's ultimate potential was recognized, resulting in
xtract. (

Information can be found as far back as 1811, however, very little
research was conducted on this remarkable substance. It wasn't until the 1960's that interest in olive leaf extracts began in earnest.
The Upjohn Co. tried to make a synthetic substance out of one of the molecules that comes from olive leaf extract called Oleuropein. They were unsuccessful in their attempts to get it to work in the body without blood
serum protein binding and gave up on the project.
Then in 1989 William Fredrickson, a lay chemist from Indiana was searching for a thesis subject at Purdue University and so began the discovery of an active Olive Leaf Extract here in the United States.

He was particularly interested in why the Oleuropein molecule didn't work in
the body for the Upjohn Co. That investigation lead him to what we now know as one of the most important antimicrobial discoveries ever known to
mankind. William's company succeeded in getting the only U.S. patent for antiviral therapy on a natural substance in the world. (U.S. patent #6,117,844). Sadly, Mr. Williams passed away just a few months before the patent was numbered, stamped and issued for use.
His book entitled "The Tree of Life" resides in the Library of Congress, and his proprietary knowledge and company patent has been licensed to Ameriden
International, Inc.

The development of The Original Olive Leaf Extract is very timely as the World
Health Organization issued a report back in 1978; which contended that by the year 2000, sources other than Western, technological medicine would be needed in order for all people to have adequate health care. They were right.
How does The Original Olive Leaf Extract kill bacteria or a virus?

The Oleuropein molecule in T.O.O.L.E. converts in the blood stream via
enzymatic action to ( + ) and (-) elenolic acid. In clinical tests elenolic acid has
been found to be very virucidal and bactericidal.

In reference to virus, T.O.O.L.E. interferes with critical amino acid processes essential for replication. It prevents the budding/shedding effect of virus and assembly at the cell membrane.

It can neutralize the production of reverse transcriptase and protease enzymes.

T.O.O.L.E. kills bacteria by eating away at the protein coating of the microbe.

T.O.O.L.E. also helps stimulate the immune system through a process called
phagocytosis, by which cells ingest harmful microorganisms and foreign
Are there any side effects when using The Original Olive Leaf Extract®?

Herxheimer Reaction or Dieoff effect may take place and refers to symptoms
generated by a detoxification process. Most people do not experience this
condition if they drink an adequate amount of water (8-10 oz.) with each
dose or take it with food can help eliminate this side effect in most cases.

On rare occasions The Original Olive Leaf Extract tends to give some individuals "a queezy stomach". This is due to the strong bitter nature of
Olive leaf extract. Drinking an adequate amount of water (8-10 oz.) with each dose or taking it with food can help minimize this side effect in most cases.
Common Questions about The Original Olive Leaf Extract®

Q.- Is is safe for children?

A.- Yes, T.O.O.L.E. is available in smaller 100 mg capsules that is suitable for
use with children.

Q.- Can Pregnant mothers take it?

A.- No. While The Original Olive Leaf Extract is considered safe, we
cannot recommend that any pregnant or nursing woman should use any supplements without first consulting her physician.

Q.- What makes The Original Olive Leaf Extract different?

A.- It has the highest Oleuropein content in the industry and contains the only
US Patent #6,117,844 for Method & composition for Anti-viral Therapy.
Suggested use:

The dosage is body weight relational.

Example: a person weighing 150 lbs could maintain on two capsules a day.
To fight an on-coming virus they might take 4 capsules a day or more.

Dosage requirements may vary and should be individualized.

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Q. - Are doctors using The Original Olive Leaf Extract?

A.- Yes, Thousands of M.D.'s, naturopaths and chiropractors and worldwide
use The Original Olive Leaf Extract.

Q.- Can you take The Original Olive Leaf Extract with other
A.- Those taking the following should consult with their primary healthcare
professional before taking The Original Olive Leaf Extract:

   Blood thinners- Because of the relaxing effect on the coronary walls
   Antibiotics- some people have shown cross out effects
   Additional Amino Acids- our study has shown that when certain amino
    acids come into contact with elenolic acid, produced by Oleuropein
    conversion, they cross out each other. This could lose the expected
    effect of either.
Antioxidative Activities of Olea curopaca leaves and related compounds. Bernard Le Tutour and Didier Gueden, Phytochemistry VoL 31, #4,
PP 1173-78, 1992

U.S. Patent  #6,117,844 Method and composition for Antiviral Therapy.
William R. Fredrickson, Inventor

Visioli, F. and C Galli (1994). "Olcuropein protects low density lipoprotein from oxidation" Life Sci 55(24): 1965-71.

Samuelsson G, The blood pressure lowering factor in leaves of
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