In April 2002, a newsletter by the
Autism Research
published a survey of over 21,000 individuals
about their use of dietary changes as well as individual
nutrients taken to improve behavior.  Of the 19 nutrients
used, DMG, betaine, folic acid, zinc, magnesium, and
vitamin B6 had a positive effect in approximately 40
percent of those surveyed.  Dr Bernard Rimland,
founder of the Behavior Balance DMG Autism Research
Institute, has recommended these nutrients for years.

Behavior Balance-DMG LiquidTM from FoodScience of
Vermont is a new and innovative nutritional supplement
that contains DMG (N,N-Dimethylglycine), l-carnosine,
vitamin B6, vitamin Bl2, zinc, magnesium, betaine, and
folic acid at levels shown to be beneficial in balancing
behavior and improving mental clarity.  The new
pleasant flavored liquid delivery system improves
compliance and allows it to be taken directly by spoon
or to be added to juice.  Studies suggest that these nutrients are safe and work together to modify behavioral imbalances.
Behavior Balance-DMG Liquid™
by FoodScience of Vermont

Autism is a complex disorder that is often apparent at infancy or in early childhood.  Vaccination is suspected as being a leading cause of this disorder.  Individuals can exhibit impaired communication and social interactions, unpredictable behavior, bursts of increased physical energy, restricted interest in activities, learning disabilities, developmental delays, and resistance to changes in their schedule or environment.

There is a growing body of evidence that DMG is beneficial for individuals with autism.  Autism is linked to abnormal metabolism, neurological dysfunction, and an irregular immune system, and studies show DMG benefits autistic individuals in these areas.  Bernard Rimland, Ph.D., is the foremost authority on autism in the United States.  He has been recommending DMG for over 15 years and reports that positive results occur in 50 to 75 percent of all autistics.
Supplementation with DMG:

•  Provides useful building units for the biosynthesis of vitamins,
   hormones, neurotransmitters, antibodies, nucleic acids and other
   metabolically active molecules.

•  Improves verbal communication and social interactions in autistic individuals.

•  Improves neurological function and mental clarity.

•  Reduces seizures.

•  Improves the immune response.
There are many reasons why DMG works for those with autism.  DMG acts as a methyl donor, anti-stress nutrient, and adaptogen, as well as impacting the immune response, enhancing neurotransmitter production, improving communication, social behavior, and sleep patterns of autistic individuals.  Recent publications have shown that certain components of the immune system may be abnormal in people with autism.  DMG acts as an immune modulator keeping the immune system balanced and under control, thereby reducing immune system irregularities associated with autism.

DMG improves mental alertness and brain function.  DMG acts as a building block for many important substances that support brain activity.  It can make hormone and neurotransmitter metabolism more efficient.  It's a precursor to many amino acids and amino alcohols that aid in brain function.  DMG is involved in neurotransmitter metabolism, increases oxygen utilization in the brain, increases circulation, increases immunity, helps cope with external stressors, and improves production of glutathione and

(S-adenosylmethionine, the most active transmethylation agent in the body).

There is evidence that DMG can function as a safe and effective anti-seizure agent due to its balancing and regulatory effects on the brain and neurons of the central ner:vous system.  There are several reports of DMG aiding neurological and seizure patients.  DMG may not work equally well for all epileptic or seizure patients, but in some cases, it does seem to reduce the frequency (number) and intensity (severity) of seizures.
As a nutritional supplement, DMG seems to enhance verbal communication, improve social interactions, and reduce lethargy.  DMG can improve the behavior patterns, social skills, and attention span of autistic individuals.  It also improves eye contact, repetitive mannerisms, and helps individuals to cope with adjustments in daily routines.

DMG is a derivative of the simplest amino acid, glycine.  DMG is found in the body and supplies essential methyl groups for modifying, building, and detoxifying many components in the body.  DMG is an intermediary metabolite, meaning it is rapidly broken down into other substances that the body needs.  Biochemically it occupies a central position in the cell's metabolic pathway and so produces a wide range of biological effects in the body.
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