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The world of supplements and vitamins can often be confusing for the everyday American looking to be healthy. One aspect that consumers often overlook is how a product is manufactured, and more importantly, what happens to the “raw material” during that manufacturing process.

Although many marketers employ a whole host of “novel” forms for vitamins and minerals, such as liquid drinks, gummy chews, chocolate chews, or effervescent drink wafers - the primary options are tablets or capsules.
With the Vitamin Code® RAW Food-Created Nutrients, you will find an encapsulated material that has been meticulously controlled and minimally handled to deliver you the highest quality nutrients possible.  Vitamin Code formulas are uncooked, untreated, minimally processed, and contain live probiotics and enzymes - delivering to you the ultimate in raw, whole food nutrition. They contain no binders and no fillers. Every ingredient in the product has nutritive value, making the Vitamin Code multivitamins the best choice for you and your family
Tablets are the most popular and widely available option to the consumer. As we have discussed in The Vitamin Code book, so many people are looking for the convenient, once a day formula for their multi and the tablet is ideal for this market. The primary advantage of a tablet is that you are able to compress a relatively large amount of “raw material” into a compact pill that is “easy to swallow”. However, this comes with a cost.
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